Sunday, December 9, 2007

Preparing for an early Christmas

We're frantically preparing for our trip and celebrating Christmas early with Ella and our family. So we're shopping like crazy and packing every chance I get. Santa's coming to our house early. Last week Ella and I spent the afternoon with our friend Dannie, the writer. We took him a Christmas tree and decorations. Ella picked everything out- it was quite fun. Saturday we baked Christmas cookies with my mom- we were up to our elbows in sugar dough and frosting! Today we went to see a play- The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Next week we're seeing Peter Pan! And Scott is in the middle of finals- WHEW!!! We've got a lot going on- but we're having the time of our lives- enjoying our time together and anxious to meet sweet little Jack.

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Troy said...

I want to go and do! I know Dannie appreciated his tree.