Tuesday, November 27, 2007

less than 72 hours...

Our court date is Friday November 30th- at 8 am on Friday CST it will be 5:00 pm in Ethiopia so things will be wrapped up and we should learn that day if we've passed court. We know that a number of families have more than one court date and don't often pass the first round- but we're hoping that the first time will be the charm for our little family. A year ago I had a dream that wouldn't leave me- I dreamed that we became the parents of a dark haired, dark eyed little boy- in my dream he had on blue overalls and he was all snuggly. The next morning I told Scott about my dream and how real it was and how the little baby boy seemed so real as he snuggled up close to me. A few weeks later- the first week of December we traveled to see my dear cousin Melinda and her family. When we arrived at her home- the first thing she said to me was that she just dreamed that we adopted a little boy- who had dark hair and dark eyes. I told her- she wasn't going to believe it- but I had the same dream. We were both awed by our dream and wondered what it meant. The dark eyed, dark haired boy didn't leave me- and the first time I saw little Bedhasa's face- I thought of the baby from my dream. And tonight as we prepare to end our day- we're keeping that dark haired, dark eyed boy close to our hearts, hoping beyond hope that Friday- the good people of Ethiopia will see fit that Bedhasa will be ours- forever.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're celebrating Thanksgiving with local friends and family today. It's a big day! We have a new picture of Bedhasa from earlier this month and we're thankful for this little guy and we can't wait to have him home with us. So today he is close to our thoughts and prayers. We're hoping today that he is well cared for and loved by his caregivers at Opportunity House. He is much anticipated in our hearts and lives. We wish you a Happy Thanksgving today too.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

No Couch Potato Here!

I love 4! Ella is almost 4 and a half and she is in the midst of this sweet time where she loves princesses and all things sparkly and beautiful. And she loves the Disney Princesses which is a marketing animal. Ella doesn't just "watch" her princess movies, she acts out each scene. As you can see from the picture- Cinderella just lost her slipper. I was walking through the house and found the slipper in the hall and realized what scene she was currently acting out! Scott and I are often asked to pause the movie so she can do costume changes- especially when Ariel is no longer a mermaid and she suddenly has legs. So our Little Princess- isn't whiling away the hours watching movies- she's swimming through the dining room, and running down the hall to beat before the clock strikes midnight! What a fun time- and again- I love 4!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

We have a court date!

We learned this week that on November 30th our petition to adopt Jackson Parrish Bedhasa should be heard in Ethiopian Courts- and we'll learn if we pass court on that day. We know that we may be delayed but we also now have a date to look forward to! So sweet Bedhasa is just weeks away from being our son officially! We'll keep folks updated on our travel plans to bring him home!
Christmas in Ethiopia
If you'd like to learn how to make the holidays special for a little one in Adoption Advocate International's care please follow the link below! A $20 donation will give a child a gift bag, a traditional Ethiopian outfit and special treats. Give to the "The Holiday Project".

Friday, November 2, 2007

Meow, kitty

Ella scored big trick or treating this year. She had a two costume holiday - she was a pink kitty for a Halloween party and then she was the Little Mermaid for trick or treating. I loved the pink kitty- because of her fluffy pink boa tail.