Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jack!

Jack turned 3 this week! Birthday's for Jack are simple and sweet. We're always looking for the "right" gifts for Jack. One Jack isn't engaged much by most toys- he's still figuring out how to play and how to explore with his hands rather than his eyes. So this year Jack received some counting maracas, bubbles and a big ball. He loves the big ball and the bubbles make him giggle! We learned about 10 weeks ago that Jack has CP and we're still learning what that means for him. He has more complex baby babbling with each passing day- and his speech therapist has heard him say "Hi!" and his teacher at school hears him say "Momma and DaDa" often. So with the coming year we're hoping Jack will develop some skills to communicate what he wants and needs. We've seen so much progress in Jack- we recognize we have a long road ahead of us- but he's doing so well! We're proud of him.