Monday, October 22, 2007

Trip to the Big "D"

This weekend we made our semi-annual trip to Dallas to see Libby! Libby is Ella's friend from China- they were in the orphanage together and we see Libby's family twice a year so the girls can remain close. It's a 4 yr old girl's gone wild weekend- every visit. This trip we went to a petting zoo and the girls caught chickens and milked cows and petted every farm animal known to man. It was a fun time for the girls. It's sweet to see our girls grow to be friends.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our site name

The minute I met Scott I thought he was the funniest guy- he makes me laugh. And he's not afraid to laugh at himself. I love that about him. When we decided to do a website- Scott said "How about we call it 3 girls and a blind guy?" Well it made me laugh out loud- our three girls are Ella, Tallulah the super beagle and myself. He of course he is the blind guy. When we decided to adopt our little guy Bedhasa- Scott said "We've got to change the name now to 3 girls and 2 blind guys. The blind thing is something we live with everyday in our home. We keep stuff off the floor, I try not to rearrange linen closets anymore without warning and I always threaten Scott "Don't make me mad or I'll hide the remote!" We're now knee deep into reading books on raising a child who is visually impaired. We're excited about adding Bedhasa to our family- we know we have tons of resources here locally- and Scott is going to continue to be seriously the world's greatest dad- and Bedhasa- is going to learn to laugh! This is going to be quite a ride!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Our new blog

We started our original blog on our personal website at and you can still go to our site and check out our journey to adopt our daughter Ella or learn how you can help support adoption in Ethiopia.

We believe we are about two months from bringing home our little guy Bedhasa from Ethiopia. Bedhasa is currently 17 months old and he is visually impaired. Ella's class is learning about the "Senses" so she is taking braille magnet alphabet letters, a children's book in braille and pictures of Bedhasa. We took out my grandmother's mobility cane tonight and we showed her how Bedhasa will have to use a cane to find his way around our home and other places.

We're very excited about our little guy!