Saturday, July 26, 2008

For Grandma Sue

Grandma Sue called this week and asked for an update so here you go! Jack is now walking from room to room and he can't get enough of his favorite game- ball toss. Actually it's toss anything he can get his hands on- Jack will find any toy nearby and start "tossing" to whoever is across from him. He can play toss for 30 minutes without getting distracted or bored. Jack's special school is closed for summer break -so he'll be home with Scott and Ella for 2 weeks. Scott is going to start working on the Wilbarger Protocol with Jack- which is a special brushing method that will help him with his constant need for stimulation. We're hoping to see some significant results from using this method.

Ella is doing very well- she is anxious for school to start. Last week she described in great detail the new backpack she wanted for school- purple with flowers. Two days later we found a lovely purple backpack with flowers- unbelievable!?! Well, it was right next to Tinkerbell- you can guess which one won out- she now has a lovely green, sparkly backpack with Tinkerbell on it! We are signing up for dance for the fall- her dance school has asked that Ella go up to the next class with 6-8 year old- in a combo class where she will learn ballet, tap and jazz! Mom is thrilled about the addition of tap shoes to her dance repertoire.
That's all we have to report! You need to come for a visit Grandma Sue!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Jack is walking!

Our little guy is walking! Now he hasn't taken one step at school yet- but he's all over the map at home and it's a hoot. So here's some video for you to enjoy!

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I started a new job last week- I'm now at the University working with students planning community service events. It should be great fun. We've had a nice quiet weekend- little man Jack is walking between chairs and it always has to be his idea! We are constantly cheering for him and I wish I had a picture to post but it's almost impossible to get a picture of the little guy in action. If I can get video of his toddle I'll post it soon.