Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First day of school

Ella started Kindergarten this week. She's been counting down the days for the last 5 weeks. She had her backpack packed days before and she was discussing what to wear all weekend. I was more nervous than she was of course. I was struck by the new rules- pre-k we walked them to class and picked them up from class- Kindergarten you leave them outside in the morning and they meet you at the "walker's door" in the afternoon. I wasn't prepared for all the newness of Kindergarten. But on the first day we were allowed to walk her to her class and help her get settled. When we arrived- parents were snapping pictures, following their students with video cameras into the school- it was actually pretty fun to see the buzz around her room as they entered. Ella turned to me at the door of her class- she gave me a peck of a kiss and turned around and left me in the hall. I wasn't leaving until I made sure she was all settled- I was amazed- the teacher basically ignored all the camera flashing and anxious parents and started giving the kids instructions and many of the children were following suit. Ella searched all the tables for her name- she glanced at her coloring page and she reached in grabbed a purple crayon and she got busy. Ella was well on her way to her first day of Kindergarten- and I snuck out while a few others were still clinging to their mommas' arms begging them not to leave.