Saturday, November 17, 2007

No Couch Potato Here!

I love 4! Ella is almost 4 and a half and she is in the midst of this sweet time where she loves princesses and all things sparkly and beautiful. And she loves the Disney Princesses which is a marketing animal. Ella doesn't just "watch" her princess movies, she acts out each scene. As you can see from the picture- Cinderella just lost her slipper. I was walking through the house and found the slipper in the hall and realized what scene she was currently acting out! Scott and I are often asked to pause the movie so she can do costume changes- especially when Ariel is no longer a mermaid and she suddenly has legs. So our Little Princess- isn't whiling away the hours watching movies- she's swimming through the dining room, and running down the hall to beat before the clock strikes midnight! What a fun time- and again- I love 4!


Jae said...

You've got a little DRAMA queen on your hands! She's darling!

Troy said...

You know I love me some Disney princesses. And you should be counting your lucky stars that you have a four year old who knows how to entertain herself.