Tuesday, November 27, 2007

less than 72 hours...

Our court date is Friday November 30th- at 8 am on Friday CST it will be 5:00 pm in Ethiopia so things will be wrapped up and we should learn that day if we've passed court. We know that a number of families have more than one court date and don't often pass the first round- but we're hoping that the first time will be the charm for our little family. A year ago I had a dream that wouldn't leave me- I dreamed that we became the parents of a dark haired, dark eyed little boy- in my dream he had on blue overalls and he was all snuggly. The next morning I told Scott about my dream and how real it was and how the little baby boy seemed so real as he snuggled up close to me. A few weeks later- the first week of December we traveled to see my dear cousin Melinda and her family. When we arrived at her home- the first thing she said to me was that she just dreamed that we adopted a little boy- who had dark hair and dark eyes. I told her- she wasn't going to believe it- but I had the same dream. We were both awed by our dream and wondered what it meant. The dark eyed, dark haired boy didn't leave me- and the first time I saw little Bedhasa's face- I thought of the baby from my dream. And tonight as we prepare to end our day- we're keeping that dark haired, dark eyed boy close to our hearts, hoping beyond hope that Friday- the good people of Ethiopia will see fit that Bedhasa will be ours- forever.


Melinda said...

I remember that dream. And when we found out that we had both dreamed about a dark haired, dark eyed boy!

I keep having this vision....or sense of Angela and Scott and Ella holding him and smelling his own special smell.

The smell of a family whole.

I can't hardly wait for news.

Love you guys,

Jae said...

I'm dying here!!!

I didn't know about your shared dream! What's the word?!!?!?!?

I'm praying!!!!!


Melinda said...

Jody, I hear you.....One of us is going to have to call them! Then post !!! Is it too early yet?

Angela, we're like all of the Cartwrights: Ben, Adam, Hoss, Little Joe, even Hopsing....all tied spread eagle on the desert, waiting for the Man from U.N.C.L.E. to come and loosen us up! oooops.....I mixed my metaphors.....nerves, ach.

Love to all,