Saturday, December 22, 2007

Okay here's the scoop

So it looks like we're not taking our laptop with us. After much consideration it looks like we won't have enough Internet access to even to do email. I don't think I've gone without email for 7 days in the last decade! So we probably won't be posting- my mom might do an update for us. If you want to email us we'll try to check a gmail account: If we can check it we'll appreciate your messages. We couldn't change our accommodations so it looks like we'll be in the guest house for the week- no American Hotels for us. Oh well! It's all going to be okay- pray for smooth travel and no delays!

Santa came last night- it was so fun. Ella had a great time. We love you all- take care and we'll be in touch soon!
Take care and Merry Christmas!

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