Thursday, December 27, 2007

Lost luggage and our incredible son, Jack

I have to say moving to the Hilton was the smartest move we've made- seriously we are so much happier and well rested. Jack has a fever today- I think he has an ear infection. We're going to see the doctor at the orphanage tomorrow. They sell antibiotics over the counter here?? We're spending some serious cash at the Hilton but I can't tell you how miserable we were at the Guest House- no water, no food, roaches and the smell was overwhelming- I felt I was going to throw up half the time. There is so much to tell and so little time to do it. We have a really nice man Yonahs who is driving us around- he took Scott to the airport this morning and we now have 2 sets of our luggage the box is gone. The third piece is to come in tomorrow- it has Jack's diapers and wipes in it.

I've never been so happy to see luggage in my life- I thought i was going to cry.

Our view from the Hilton is lovely- we're across the street from the Presidential Palace- that's why we have water! The view is of the mountains- the altitude doesn't make me sick anymore- the first two days were tough. But there are flowering trees that are purple and they are beautiful. The people are so kind- it's overwhelming sometimes. We have a conceirge Mojes (like Moses) who has been so good to us. They all saw us walk in yesterday in our dirty clothes, and two ziploc bags with clothes and they felt sorry for us- and they took care of us. One other thing that nearly ended me I bumped my head and nearly passed out before we arrived- I have a huge knot on my head. So that on top of being tired, altitude sickness barely eaten a thing, and dirty clothes- and then I conk my head on the van leaving the embassy.

Jack is a sweet boy- most of his mollescum is gone just a couple of spots- and one right on his tear duct. It looks like he may have had the chicken poxs- he has little pox scars all over his face. He is a big snuggler- he loves- loves Scott's whiskers- and he makes Scott mad because he tugs at them. He hates to be bathed and his nose wiped- man he can put up a fight.

I've decided his head on the floor move calms him- it's so funny- he gets upset and goes head on the floor butt in the air. He can clap and he claps all the time and makes lots of baby babble sounds. I'm doing lots of singing and telling him when I'm touching Jack's head, Jack's feet and Jack's belly. We have this one toy- a book that crinkles and if you crinkle it around his ears he just laughs out loud he's so happy.

This morning we saw a coffee ceremony- this young woman has this little charcoal grill that is clay and she has a pan on top- and she roast the raw beans- they go from white to the dark black color of the beans we buy- and the aroma is amazing. She then grinds them w/ a morta and pestle (spelling?). THen drops them in a pot that she cooks over the coals- she burns charcoal insense too so the smell is amazing- then she poured up tiny cups of coffee today. Yum The Ethiopians invented coffee and they were invaded by the Italians long ago so they can make a mean cappacino.

So we have a new lease on life- we have clean clothes, we have our meds, we now have toys. We're going shopping w/ Yonah's tomorrow for keepsakes. And then we're hosting a party at Opportunity House for the workers and children. We orderd a pastry basket from a pastry shop at the Hilton. We're also going to tour Layla house and one of the American staff members wants Scott to tour is computer lab he set up for the kids. Funny. We learn Jack is the first child from O house to be adopted so the ladies all cried when we left. Immanuel the deaf boy I was excited to meet- has a new family too. He is a sweet, sweet boy.

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Troy said...

What a journey. Can't wait to see pictures. Stay safe, and remember to duck your head. Jack needs you to be conscious.