Friday, June 6, 2008

Update: Home 6 months

Life has been good- Jack's been home almost 6 months and he is doing well. He's getting so big! Ella graduated from pre-k and had a big ballet recital that was very exciting. We've battled our share of illnesses over the last 6 months. We've literally had an illness each month- from a parasite to chicken poxes to the flu! But we've seen so much progress with Jack it's been amazing. His baby babbling is getting more complex and he can stand on his own and he's taken a couple of steps. He's a big snuggler- he will interrupt his play and come and find us for a little snug. He's started a special day program where he receives his speech, physical and occupational therapy on site. He is in a class with other children with special needs. He's the only visually impaired child in the class. His receptive language is growing and he's very responsive when we ask him questions. He is a happy, happy baby with a sweet spirit. We are so pleased to be settling in with him.
Ella is a great big sister- she's a big helper and she is very gentle and sweet with him. It's been fun to watch her bond with him. She is a generous child- willing to share time with mom and dad. Her birthday is coming up later this month and she has been planning the social event of the year- her 5th birthday party!
So life is good and I've decided to start updating our blog again.

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