Sunday, June 8, 2008

The third girl- Tallulah

18 months ago Tallulah joined the family- she was all of 4 lbs. and the prettiest little thing we'd ever seen. She was from a litter of pups that my cousin Annette's beagle had. We saw the pups when they were 2 days old. Annette picked Tallulah out for us- when she was just 3 weeks old. Tallulah confounds us with her chewing habit- of our favorite shoes, and she has something for mermaid dolls- two have bitten the dust. She bays like a beagle and she trees squirrels and she has presented at least one deceased squirrel to Scott as a gift. When she was just a little thing- she swiped some of my new yarn- and had the time of her life- decorating the backyard with red and orange yarn- wrapping tangled yarn around treeand s the storage building- it looked like our entire yard was a large colorful spider web. That had to be in the artist in her- right? She serves as a warmer on cold days and she allows Jack a boost when he wants to stand and needs something to hold on to. She's the cracker buster- cleaning the floor under Jack's booster. She put on 4 lbs his first 3 months home! She loves crackers. She is our precious third girl and we're happy to have her. We think she's pretty great- our wonder beagle.

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