Sunday, January 6, 2008

Jack-Lag an update

We've been home a week today. And we're doing well- Scott and I are not suffering from jet lag at all- but we are suffering from "Jack-Lag" the poor little guy is suffering from jet lag- his little body clock is all out of whack. He wakes up at 2 am and stays awake until about 8 am. Scott and I split up the shifts- we've been passing out each evening about 8 pm.

We went to the doctor this week and we received an assortment of ointments and creams for his skin. The doctor also thinks his ear drums may have burst some time ago- poor little guy his ears were completely packed. She also said his 2 yr. molars are coming in- so she thinks he could be a little older. He continues to be very active and we're working on attachment activities with him- I'm carrying him in the hip hammock some each day and we're doing lots of rocking and bottle feeding.

This week we start the re-adoption process with a local attorney and we're meeting with an early intervention team to evaluate him and begin that process.

Ella is doing really well- she has her jealous moments but she's a trooper and she's a huge helper.

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JMcDaniel said...

Congrats getting everyone home safely! Jack is so cute! I'm sure he will be able to adjust his internal clock soon! I can't wait to meet him the next time you are in Atlanta! Your guys are always in our thoughts. Love and miss you!