Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas Tour 2009

We traveled to see friends and family this holiday season and we had the time of our lives. Jack traveled beautifully!! That was the absolute highlight of the trip. We've learned some thing this time around- our last long car trip- we attached toys to his head rest- and he pushed them away- this time I attached them to the drivers head rest and his so it went along his side- he played throughout the trip- and I would add toys at different stops- which kept him interested. Our last trip he hit his face and yelled throughout- this trip he baby babbled and rarely hit his face. He received several sensory toys for Christmas- I'll post pictures of some of his favorites. Our friends and family really got into finding just the "right" gifts for him to engage him- and we had some real winners!

Here's our picture video of our trip! Enjoy!

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