Saturday, June 6, 2009


How can you not love that face!?! He is a happy boy!

Ella and Papa Dana fishing

We recently took a vacation to a lake- Ella learned to fish and Jack enjoyed all the love from grandparents and cousins and attention he received. It was a great trip. We're learning the struggle of how to keep a 3 year old, visually impaired, toddler occupied during a 10 hour car trip! It was tough for the little guy. He struggles with sensory issues- so he was sensory seeking the entire trip!! So we kicked into high gear when we arrived home and started some intense sensory play time with him. I'll post pictures soon of his sensory play time. We're always looking for new ideas of ways to engage him in play.

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carol said...

Those sensory issues never go away they just learn to live with them. My adult autistic son still has them yet he is able to function at work 8 hours a day and live on his own. He's just learned to hold it in and wait til he's home to tap and do the things he does. It's kind of funny when he was a kid I never thought about what it would be like for him as an adult. I guess I was too busy dealing with the day to day.