Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Wedding Day Amy and JP!!!!

Today our dear friends Amy and JP married in Georgia and we were with them in spirit! We took some pictures of the family- wishing them all our best for a happy life together. We love you dear friends!!! We hope you enjoy this special day!

Our prayer for you Amy and JP:
Go in peace, dear ones, for God has given you the greatest of all gifts, true love, love embodied, love promised and sworn, love twined to itself till death do you part.
May every word you speak and every breath you take in each other’s presence, be twice blessed, with truth and joy and may you walk together in strength each day of your lives. Amen

Love to you,
Angela, Scott, Ella, Jack and Tallulah
PS little man Jack was napping when we took pictures today- so we sent a picture of Ella swinging and singing to our sweet boy.

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