Wednesday, September 3, 2008

shoe strings, velcro and bunny ears

So Ella has been learning to tie her shoes. It's been a big deal around our house. Ella started a new dance class and she has shiny new tap shoes- that have ribbon ties and she doesn't want to have to ask her new dance mates to help her with her shoes- so each night we practice. If you've never taught someone how to tie your shoes- you realize it's tougher than it may seem. We've watched videos on You tube and we've made bunny ears and I've cursed velcro over the last few days. But Ella is determined and she's being really patient with her mom- who happens to be left handed and Ella is right handed- WHO KNEW!?!?!? That was going to be an issue!?!?!? But this is one of those great milestones we wanted to share with our friends.

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Heather said...

I thought You'd shut down your blog, but now I found you again on the yahoo group so I came back. Jack looks great! So glad it seems you guys are doing well.
Take care
heather BT